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Friends Only!
I really don't have much to blog about, but this is to prevent strangers lurking around my journal and reading personal stuff and whatnot.

Leave a comment to be added! Just tell me why you added me and a little bit about yourself, like your name, interests, and why you added me. ^^ I'll most likely add anyone back though. :D
There really isn't much that I blog about though....Most posts are about An Cafe, stuff I buy, [Japanese] fashion, and German. XD

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Hello! If you've purchased anything from me through LJ, it'd be appreciated if you would leave feedback for me here. Thanks! :D
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Lemon Cookie Group Order!

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I haven't been on LJ in forever y'all ;-; if you guys could suggest some other communities or websites where I could promote my GO, please let me know! I used to be able to post GOs for Rowky/LC on egl-comm-sales, but they are supaaah strict now and rejected my post :(

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Anyone want anything from I'm getting a few pairs of Dolly Winks, but shipping is $15 >__> However, shipping is free for orders over $75, so if anyone wants anything, let me know! I'm only getting two pairs though (for now), so I need about $50 more :x
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I'm off to San Diego tomorrow. My grandma's funeral is on Monday, it's going to be boring, I'm afraid. =A= I have to wear white instead...I'll be wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress-thing, in white..I haven't worn one in forever. @_@ Anyway, after the funeral, my dad and I will spend a couple days in LA at his friend's mansion. oAo It's so big and pretty o3o...But they've got an, um, interesting taste in art...The rooms are coated in paintings of nude people. o_o;; But...they've got a pool and a game room, with a pool table. 8D I think I'm going to pack the Wii and Guitar Hero 3 also..@A@ Oh, I've finally made it to the Live in Japan chapter on expert. I just need to beat "Before I Forget" to move onto the final chapter..Well, also the encore song after, but I don't think I'll finish Expert. I'm still stuck on battling Lou on hard though ...I think I'm going to buy a new DS Lite soon. I miss mine so much >A< I shall buy Guitar Hero on Tour too. >D Mufufufufu..

Ahh, I love Plastic Tree so much. I can't go a night without listening to Nega to Poji. I think it's the only album I can listen to, where I don't skip any songs, and I actually love all the songs.'s my favorite album? o3o I'm afraid now, I'm going to spend a lot of money buying Plastic Tree stuff. =A= Oh, and recently, I've realized that SuG, actually isn't really good. And Takeru's smile kinda creeps me out. =33= But only his pose-y one, his natural one is cute. :x *runs off to listen to some more Pura*
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